Get Rid of It All

We like the path of least resistance. If there is a way to make it more convenient we’ll take it. It’s the reason why Netflix, UberEats, and Amazon have revolutionized their industries. How can we make fat loss easy on ourselves: Get rid of the temptations!

Get your game face on! Go through your kitchen and throw out ALL the junk. Part of beating your temptations is to change your environment. It is way easier to control your environment than your cravings.

I won’t bore you with a long list here. You know what tempts you and calls your name late at night. Take a stand right now so you won’t be tempted later.

I’ve heard that it is 10 times easier to simply change your environment than change your habits.

Once you fill your environment with healthy foods it becomes that much easier to make healthy choices.

Celebrate yourself

Celebrate yourself

As I learn more about this journey, I understand that everything I do will be a first. I started a 21 day challenge whereas, I would walk 30 minutes a day. I actually walked 10 days straight which is a first.

I dreaded starting over which is why it has taken me a few days to start again. With Fadi, I am learning that I can always pick back up where I left off. Instead of getting down on myself for stopping, learn to celebrate your accomplishments. I have NEVER walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes for ten days. That is something I need to be glad about. I still have 5 days left in my challenge and can finish strong.

My thought processes are changing with Fadi’s coaching. I realize how self-defeating I can be. He is teaching me to change my thought habits and more importantly, my self-talk. Somewhere is every situation is a winning at and Fadi is showing me how to find it.

Just Do It

Just Do It

“The key to getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

I am on Day 7 of my 21 Day Challenge of walking 30 minutes. One thing I have learned so far is that my mind wants to do it. Every morning, I wake up and tell myself ‘just do it.’ It’s only thirty minutes.

The physical side of me does not want to do it. Every morning, I wake up and tell myself ‘just sleep a few more minutes.’ I could have thirty more minutes of sleep before starting my work day.

The struggle is real between my higher self and lower self. I want to walk everyday, just like I promised myself. I even have co-workers who have chosen to do the challenge with me. When they send text messages about their workouts, it motivates me to do the same.

When I finally go downstairs, I constantly talk to myself. Encouraging myself. Telling myself I can do this. Reminding myself how many minutes I have completed and how many minutes I have left. The feeling of accomplishment once I have completed my thirty minutes. I still have to remind myself to ‘just do it.’

Getting started is the real struggle, but every morning, I still tell myself to ‘just do it.’ Once I get going, I have already done the hard part. I have gotten up earlier than I have been, gotten dressed, and gone downstairs to the treadmill. As long as I get started, I can ‘just do it.’

Until next time,

Stay healthy, my friends

Brand New You

Brand New You

“Where are you moving?” A friend asked me.
I said, “Onto better things.”

Hey friends,

New year, New You. Right??

Could be. Could be not. Who’s to say? Believe it or now you are.

Maybe in 2017, you wanted to be the absolute best version of you. Not fitness regime and nutritional values. And perhaps you succeeded.

Or maybe, you were lazy and unmotivated. Now you want to make huge changes in 2018.

Either way, whatever 2017 was for you, it’s over now.

So what’s next for you?

The same ole you or a brand new you?

Only you can decide. Choose wisely. A better you depends on it.

Until next time,

Stay healthy my friends.

Starting Over

Starting Over

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by
change.” ~Jim Rohn

If I had two words to describe my life in the last year, they
would be ‘starting over.’ One year ago, I was recovering from an
emergency appendectomy. Before that, I had taken off a month
from work because of depression and anxiety. At that time, I
weighed about 240, but after the surgery, I was down to 220. I
was not exercising so obviously, the weight loss was due to
medical issues and not healthy means.

Still, I was 220. The last time I weighed 220 was in 2010. Then
I was a high school basketball coach. Although I was not eating
properly, I was active every day, all year long. In 2012, I
started a medicine and one of its side effects: weight gain. That is
when I weighed 240. Still, I was not eating properly and was not
being as active, but my weight was stable at 240. I was not
happy about that, yet, I did nothing about it. I accepted it
as a by-product of the medicine.

So I started buying larger clothes. I wanted to lose the weight
so I would try different gyms. I would walk around my
neighborhood, sometimes. I even tried to change my diet, at
times. Overall, I would try this and that but always ‘fall off
the proverbial wagon’ and always start over. I was missing the
discipline of consistency.

In 2015, I moved to Atlanta. I immediately joined LA Fitness but
soon canceled my membership. I went to a personal trainer but
he proved to be too expensive. I decided to walk around my
neighborhood but winter came. When spring showed up, I had lost
the desire. I even tried to change my eating habits but would
fall back into my old habits of eating quick and eating out. I
loved a daily hearty breakfast at Waffle House, just to give an

Along came 2016. By summer, I noticed a real change in my
clothes. My yearly physical alerted me to a weight gain. I was
250. I had never been that heavy. My physical also told me I was
pre-hypertensive and pre-diabetic. My doctor’s recommendation:
eat right and lose weight. Duh! Yet, it was easier said than

I tried again to eat right but feel back into my old habits. I
tried to be active but feel back into my old habits. It was not
until September that I realized I actually had fallen into a
deep depression. I took a month off from work. Then my surgery
and I took another two weeks off from work. By December 2016, I
weighed 225. I was content with that size but it was short

2017. I ate poorly. I look back on it and it was ridiculous.
Buttered toast. Wendy’s 4 for $4. Sonic. Zesto’s. You get the
point. I was not active at all although I have access to a
gym in my building. I just ate and ate. I have no reason why. I just
ate. By July, I weighed 265. I was officially a heavyweight. I
have never been so heavy. Although I became depressed, I wanted
to make changes. I researched and found Body By Fadi.
I met with Fadi and enjoyed his energy. He came across as more
of a teacher than a trainer. I could tell he was interested in my
well-being because of his passion for helping people get
healthy. I began his 52Fit Course Curriculum. I followed it for
a few weeks but I went back to work (my excuse).
In November, I am still the heaviest I have ever
been. Fadi reached out to me to see how he could help. I
realized I could not do this alone. On December 1, I met with
Fadi. We discussed my fitness and eating goals and how he can
help me achieve those goals. So guess what? I am starting over.
But this time, I have Fadi by my side. I will keep you posted on
my progress. I hope you’ll find inspiration in my journey.

Until next time,

Stay healthy my friends.