Celebrate yourself

As I learn more about this journey, I understand that everything I do will be a first. I started a 21 day challenge whereas, I would walk 30 minutes a day. I actually walked 10 days straight which is a first.

I dreaded starting over which is why it has taken me a few days to start again. With Fadi, I am learning that I can always pick back up where I left off. Instead of getting down on myself for stopping, learn to celebrate your accomplishments. I have NEVER walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes for ten days. That is something I need to be glad about. I still have 5 days left in my challenge and can finish strong.

My thought processes are changing with Fadi’s coaching. I realize how self-defeating I can be. He is teaching me to change my thought habits and more importantly, my self-talk. Somewhere is every situation is a winning at and Fadi is showing me how to find it.