Just Do It

Just Do It

“The key to getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

I am on Day 7 of my 21 Day Challenge of walking 30 minutes. One thing I have learned so far is that my mind wants to do it. Every morning, I wake up and tell myself ‘just do it.’ It’s only thirty minutes.

The physical side of me does not want to do it. Every morning, I wake up and tell myself ‘just sleep a few more minutes.’ I could have thirty more minutes of sleep before starting my work day.

The struggle is real between my higher self and lower self. I want to walk everyday, just like I promised myself. I even have co-workers who have chosen to do the challenge with me. When they send text messages about their workouts, it motivates me to do the same.

When I finally go downstairs, I constantly talk to myself. Encouraging myself. Telling myself I can do this. Reminding myself how many minutes I have completed and how many minutes I have left. The feeling of accomplishment once I have completed my thirty minutes. I still have to remind myself to ‘just do it.’

Getting started is the real struggle, but every morning, I still tell myself to ‘just do it.’ Once I get going, I have already done the hard part. I have gotten up earlier than I have been, gotten dressed, and gone downstairs to the treadmill. As long as I get started, I can ‘just do it.’

Until next time,

Stay healthy, my friends

Brand New You

Brand New You

“Where are you moving?” A friend asked me.
I said, “Onto better things.”

Hey friends,

New year, New You. Right??

Could be. Could be not. Who’s to say? Believe it or now you are.

Maybe in 2017, you wanted to be the absolute best version of you. Not fitness regime and nutritional values. And perhaps you succeeded.

Or maybe, you were lazy and unmotivated. Now you want to make huge changes in 2018.

Either way, whatever 2017 was for you, it’s over now.

So what’s next for you?

The same ole you or a brand new you?

Only you can decide. Choose wisely. A better you depends on it.

Until next time,

Stay healthy my friends.

Do you know what I can do to help eliminate foam at the top of the veggie shakes?

  1. Be aware that some items cause more foam (tomatoes, oranges, or pineapple) in blenders. A simple fix is after you finish blending on high, flip the switch to variable and turn the dial down to 1. Look into the container at the top and slowly increase the variable speed until you find the slowest speed that will form a small vortex (or hole) in the center. Let it run at this slow speed for a little while and it will pop out the air bubbles. You may notice that after spinning at this slow speed the vortex gets a little bit bigger – you can lower the speed some more if you’d like. It doesn’t take very long to get the air bubbles to pop out!

  2. Add something “smooth” to the mixture like avocado. coconut oil or bananas. Items like this will help lessen the foam.

  3. Use a cheese cloth, and pour the mixture through the cheese cloth.

My Workout Log – 4-Day Split: Routine A – Back

My Workout Log – 4-Day Split: Routine A – Back

4-Day Split- Routine A - Back

In this blog, Nick shares his 4-Day Split: Routine A – Back log to demonstrates that BodyByFadi Virtual Trainer workouts are easy to follow and precise. Fitness Expert Fadi Malouf is behind the cutting edge advice and uses the Virtual Trainer to coach clients worldwide. 

Thanks for sending me 4-Day Split Routines: 4-Day Split: A: Back: A. I completed it on 2/18/14 in 49:41. 

Here’s My Log:

Close Grip Pulldown | Cables:
Set  Reps  Weight
1    10    180  
2    10    180  
3    10    180  
4    10    180  

Bent Over Row | Dumbbells:
Set  Reps  Weight
1    10    65   
2    10    75   
3    10    85   
4    6     96   

T-Bar Row | Barbell:
Set  Reps  Weight
1    10    125  
2    10    145  
3    10    170  
4    10    170  

Standing Wide Row | Cables:
Set  Reps  Weight
1    8     180  
2    7     180  
3    8     180  
4    8     70   

Self Row | Bodyweight:
Set  Reps  Weight
1    10    0    
2    10    0    
3    10    0    
4    10    0