Seminars, Speaking Engagements & Corporate Events?

If you are a company or agency that wishes to host a speaking event on any topic related to health and fitness, I am available to speak to a gathering of 10 plus participants. Below is information regarding my unique Lunch and Learning Series and workshop topics that I can speak to your employees or audience about.

Lunch and Learn Series:

Fadi’s One-hour “Lunch and Learn” workshops for busy professionals in the workplace.  Our seminars address topics of health and wellness that affect the work environment, the lives of workers, the level of productivity, and job satisfaction. Fadi’s workshops cover all of the necessary key components of a well-balanced fitness program and empower individuals to master their mind, body, and spirit. Our workshops are intended to be fun, educational, and interactive. Our presenters and trainers will work with your leadership team to custom-build a seminar series to address the needs of your group.

Available Topics In Series:

  • The power of Balance: This workshop is designed to help you reach a higher level of health in body, mind, and spirit. Our team of professionals will teach you how to create and track your own wellness program.
  • Managing 2.4: Investing at least 10% of your time in activities that support a healthy lifestyle is a simple time management technique used to develop a personal wellness program. Learn how to budget your spare time appropriately and maintain an appropriate balance between work, home, and other responsibilities.
  • True Voice: Personal core values are the foundation of self-expression, success, and happiness. Define what is most important to you and learn how to effectively communicate your values to others.
  • Little Secrets: Establishing beneficial habits are crucial to achieving your goals. Evaluate and discuss the habits that are most effective in your life. First, we create our habits then our habits create us.
  • Eating for Success: Basic overview of the energy needs of the body and how to distinguish between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Education on healthful eating habits, proper meal planning, and food preparation techniques.
  • Hydration Elation: Roughly 85% of the population is chronically dehydrated. Explore the numerous benefits to the body of drinking water, how much is enough, and the why water intake is essential for staying healthy.
  • Maximizing Muscle: A comprehensive exercise program, one which includes resistance training, is the only effective treatment for long-term health and fitness goals. Explore the numerous benefits of strength training to the body and some basic training techniques.
  • The Heart of the Matter: Cardiovascular training is any exercise that relies on oxygen for energy. The chain reaction of improving your ability to breathe is extended to all systems of the body and provides numerous health benefits. Learn about the different types of cardio training, how much is needed to stay healthy, and the basic guidelines for starting a program.

Other topics available by request:

Time management skills – What’s your time worth and how are you investing it? Conflict resolution – True or False? Is true communication the response you receive? Working with difficult people – Want to learn how to create breakthroughs? Assertiveness skills – Who needs assertiveness and why?

Online Fitness Solutions:

Body By Fadi’s Virtual Trainer is the most comprehensive fitness database in the world with over 5,600 exercise video illustrations. It contains the largest library of exercise images & videos, the most challenging workouts across all disciplines, access to a live personal trainer and a complete set of every fitness tool, calculator and tracking feature available.
Whether you’re a total novice or a seasoned athlete, your live personal Virtual Trainer will change your fitness lifestyle and the way you work out. With state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class content, Body By Fadi’s Virtual Trainer delivers the results that you are looking for. So, join the FITNESS EVOLUTION.

Setting Up Your Home Gym? “Let me help you”

If you are in the process of setting up your own home gym and need help choosing the layout, or the equipment that you need, I can help you zero in on a strategy that works for both your budget and goals. The fees involved with this set-up would depend on the location of the project as well as the time involved to see it to completion.

For businesses that are either creating a gym or workout facility from the ground up for their employees or making changes to a current gym, I can aid in all aspects of design and implementation from start to finish. This includes but not limited to:


  • Scouting out potential locations either on your campus or in another area.
  • Implementing a full-scale approach to accomplishing your corporate vision.
  • Setting up the location for full use in as little time as possible purchasing of all cardiovascular and weight training equipment Setting up on-site staff (finding personal trainers if necessary for the site, as well as complementary staff).
  • On-going facilitation of strategy to ensure it meets the objectives of your company.
  • The fees involved with this set-up would depend on the location of the project as well as the time involved to see it to completion.