Reasons For The Warm-Up Part I

Reasons For The Warm-Up Part I

Most athletes warm up before working out or competing to improve performance and to help prevent injury.

But to come up with a complete answer, you must be specific. What kind of warm-up are you doing? For what kind of activity are you warming up and what is your current conditioning level.

In this 2 part series you will discover the theoretical purpose of warm-up exercises, the psychological factors created by warming up and 4 styles of warm-up that will help improve your game!.

Physical Purpose Of Warming Up

  • Increased Muscle Temperature
  • Improved Metabolic Adjustment
  • Increased Velocity Of Nerve Conduction
  • Increased Capillaries Opened In Muscle

Psychological Factors Of Warming Up

  • Skilled performance improves with activity identical or directly related to actual workouts and corresponding sports activities.
  • Prior physical activity improves the “mental set” or attitude of the athlete, especially when the activity is related to the workout or corresponding sporting activity.
  • Increased arousal or enthusiasm, eagerness and mental readiness.

One potential drawback of warming up is: Fatigue

Don’t mistake a good warm-up session for your workout. 

Field Warm Up

This is the first of 4 warm-up styles you will learn over the next 2 blog posts.burpee

Field warm-up is an athletic series of exercises done on an open field used for outdoor or indoor. Performed at a light pace with some stretching similar to bootcamp style exercise not using any equipment, jogging and light calisthenics are examples.


Coming In Our Next Posting

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