Top Foods For A Long Life

Top Foods For A Long Life

So we know what foods not to eat… or do we…. If you did not read our previous posting on “The Top Foods to Avoid” then go do so when you have a few free moments. If you have then you have probably been waiting to hear what the best foods are for the body.

Your wait is over! I have inserted a simple chart which does a decent job of showing what foods are best for sustaining a long and healthy life. The chart represents what is called a Raw Food approach. The term “Raw” indicates that the food has not been heated above 102 degrees but typically means it was eaten direct from the plant.

I am not suggesting that living a Raw lifestyle is the only lifestyle to live but it is highly recommended to pursue a 70% to 90% “Raw” lifestyle.

Also, I have found that while it is possible to obtain adequate protein from plant sources, it can be very difficult and time consuming. Don’t fall into the trap of eating nuts as your protein source as nuts contain omega 6 fats. Instead shoot for a variety of protein rich items like algae, sprouts, legumes, seeds & nutritional yeast as these items contain healthy omega 3 fats.

If you do eat meat then try consuming fish as your primary meat source with only small amounts of beef. Make sure these items are grass fed and or wild caught. Keep your animal protein below 5% and you just may be able to avoid some future cancer concerns. (Read the China Study by Colin Campbell for more info on proper animal protein intake)

Lastly, this pyramid is a great guide but I would make a few minor additions: 1) Add Algae underneath the protein block 2) In order to avoid B-12 deficiencies make sure to ingest nutritional yeast or other items that have added vitamin B-12 3) In addition to including more algae to your diet I would also add more seaweed.

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