Coach Scott

Scott Black is a health educator who believes in an individual’s right to control their lifelong health and wellness. He is passionate about holding corporations and government agencies accountable to make corporate wellness available in the national marketplace as well as creating an affordable diversity of healthy choices.

Scott teaches that achieving total wellness is a balancing act that combines all aspects of Body, Mind and Energy. He understands the human body, mind, and spirit are ever evolving and require different attention every day and every time there is a change. His quest to become a life changer sprouted while witnessing his youthful young mother at 38 years of age lose her health & life to cancer. Scott continues to educate himself, his family, friends and many others on how to live and enjoy total wellness in this fast paced modern life.

While Scott served as a weapons engineer instructor in Italy for the U.S. Air Force, he became a personal trainer & sports nutritionist and helped U.S. military members and Italian civilians. Later, while being an executive trainer in several American corporations, Scott earned certifications as a Raw Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Consultant and Detox Specialist. After 10 years in Corporate American Scott left to become a full time business owner providing one-on-one personal wellness training, wellness seminars, live food cooking demonstrations, Vita-Mix demonstrations, call -to- action events, on-line wellness support, wellness videos, books, blogs, newsletters and more.

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Known as Coach Scott to friends and clients, Scott is an author, blogger and a wellness video producer. He has been a guest speaker on many on-line radio shows and provides community support through.

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