The Decision That Changes Everything

The Decision That Changes Everything

Finding your way to total health is similar to taking a new road trip. It first starts with a decision to go somewhere.

Once you have decided, then what’s next? In the case of your adventurous road trip it usually starts with either an old fashioned map or GPS to plot point A to point B. When this is done you will see each turn and how long it takes to get to your destination.

Now unfortunately, your wellness journey like the very road you travel can sometimes throw up roadblocks and detours no matter how well you plotted your course. This is usually when that wonderful and sometimes irritating GPS voice usually pipes up and states “rerouting”.

You may not have a GPS to help you decide when to reroute but your wellness journey is similar and can be rerouted when you hit a similar roadblock.

So how do we know when to reroute? Like all journeys it starts with a decision.

a) Decide to live a purpose filled life. Decide to make a change for the better. Decide to make changes that will improve the quality of life for you and for the world around you.
b) Decide on and create a “Road Map” and a goal plan to get you to that higher level of living. This should include a properly balanced plan for all 4 areas of your wellness journey (Body / Energy / Environment / Mind)

a) Commit to your plan and stick with it. (Remember that the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step and to reach the thousandth mile we must keep walking.)
b) Commit to a success partner / mentor / coach / accountability partner. (Partners can keep us motivated and on track even during the days we are feeling low and not motivated.)

a) Continually listen to your inner voice and listen to your body. Continually modify your goal plan and your “Road Map” based on how your body, your life energy and your mind is responding.
b) Modify your workouts, your eating plan and your spiritual walk as needed until you find the proper path that fits you. Then repeat steps 1 and 2 whenever you reach a plateau and feel stuck or whenever you are ready to establish new goals that will take you even higher!

Following these simple yet powerful steps will change your life forever!

Coach Scott and the entire My Fitness Solution staff are here to not only help you build these amazing life changing plans but to also walk side by side with you during every step of your journey.

Decide Today and Take Your Total Wellness Journey To The Next Level With Coach Scott and My Fitness Solution

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