We’re excited to announce that our very own Fadi Malouf is going to appear in the next Save The Bros video! If you haven’t seen the first one, check it out below and prepare to be warned about the potential collapse of the entire bro nation.

What is Save The Bros, you ask? It’s an initiative by Organic Valley to encourage all the gym rats of the world to stop pumping their bodies with “synthetic junk.” They make a protein shake called Organic Fuel that is made with all natural ingredients – including 26 grams of high-quality protein.  Good stuff.

So check out the video below for a good laugh. And if you’re a bro, take a minute to think about the toxins you may be putting in your body each time you chug a protein shake and check our Organic Fuel – if not for you, for the fate of bro nation as we know it.

Stay tuned for Fadi’s debut in the next campaign!



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