“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

Celebrity personal trainer, consultant, speaker, author, model and actor is nominated Entrepreneur and Fittest Friend of the year in 2011. Fadi and associates conveniently deliver healthy & fit lifestyle solutions to the world with the Body By Fadi elite brand of corporate wellness programs, reward systems, adventure travel, virtual fitness classes, personal training, nutritional consulting, lifestyle coaching, online interactive tools, apps, and autobiography/self-help book  Strong The New Fit”, Fadi’s personal stories of endeavors and conquers.

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Personal Bio:

Health & Fitness is my life! I was the kid that rode his bicycle everywhere, raced my friends to every stopping point, and played any sport I could! Starting at 17 my life as a natural bodybuilder taught me great discipline and understanding of the human body. Today my focus is on balance and my active schedule is 6 days a week as a healthy lifestyle. 4 days of weight resistance with a little core, speed, and agility afterward. Yoga and swim at least once a week. Finally, my favorite current sport is volleyball and I participating in an outdoor adventure such as hiking, running, skydiving and racing in the Warrior Dash. I live to play and love to share! Connect with me on Facebook.

What People Say About Fadi:

Nominated Entrepreneur and Fittest Friend of the year in 2011 Fadi Malouf is a lifetime drug-free professional bodybuilder with 23 years of professional experience in the fitness industry. He is regarded as having one of the world’s most symmetrical and defined natural physiques and is named one of the best personal trainers is Atlanta.

Fadi is certified through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) as a Fitness and Performance Nutritional Specialist. He is equipped to give you direction towards your specific goals and needs. As your trainer, he will set up a program designed solely for you through exercise, diet, and supplementation. He will help educate and guide you toward a new way of thinking and living. His focus is on your health because your results are his measurement of success. Please feel free to ask him any questions you may have about fitness and achieving a healthy lifestyle.


Team Universe Heavy Weight

Life Time Natural Bodybuilding Competitor / IFBB Qualifier / SNPB Champ /Muscle Mania World Champ

• 1st Place – 2004 Eastern Seaboard Heavy Weight Class
• 2nd Place – 2004 Team Universe Heavy Weight Class
• Overall Winner – 2000 International Muscle Mania Tour World Natural Bodybuilding Championships – Heavy Weight Class (Televised Worldwide.)
• Overall Winner – 2000 World Nationals (S.N.B.F.) Super Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Heavy Weight Class (Televised Worldwide.)
• 1st Place -1997 Southern Classics All Natural Bodybuilding Championship Open – Tall Class.
• 1st Place – 1996 Southern Classics All Natural Bodybuilding Championship Novice – Heavy Weight Class.
• 2nd Place – 1999 3rd Annual Georgia S.N.B.F. Open Tall Class.
• 2nd Place -1998 2nd Annual Georgia S.N.B.F. Open Tall Class.
• 2nd Place -1996 Georgia Bodybuilding Championships Teenage Heavy Weight Class.
• 3rd Place – 2000 NOPI Bodybuilding Championships sponsored by: Ultimate Bodies Heavy Weight Class (Televised Worldwide.)
• 3rd Place – 1999 International Superbody World Natural Bodybuilding Championships Heavy Weight Class (Televised Worldwide.)
• 3rd Place – 1999 International Muscle Mania Tour World Natural Bodybuilding Championships Heavy Weight Class (Televised Worldwide.)

From 1996 to 2004, Fadi competed in several shows a year and always placed in the top 3 spots. In addition, he is well diverse in fitness and an all around athlete.

Appearances & Acting Career

• 2014 Canadian scientist honored with prestigious international diabetes prize
• 2014 Zombie Invasion – Supporting actor – Matt Green
• 2012 CXAlloy – Spokesperson
• 2011 Hail Merry with Minnie Driver – Directed by Joel Silver
• 2010 Necessary Roughness – Supporting Actor -Head Security
• 2010 MuscleMag Magazine Exercise Illustration
•2010 Coke Zero commercial – Professional Rugby Player
• 2010 Flight Sleep commercial – Flight Passenger
• 2009 The Invisible Evil – Supporting Actor -Mobster
• 2009 Georgia Lotto – Lucky 7 – Scared Worker
• 2008 Georgia Lotto – Women Fantasy Land – Hunk
• 2007 Georgia Lotto – Megaman – Professional Bowler
• 2007 Turner Brothers Super Deluxe FarkTv.com
• 2007 Dell XPS System
• 2007 3:16 Stories of Hope – Lead Actor – Max Lucado
• 2005 Blood Ties – Supporting actor – Kely McClung
• 2003 Model for EAS National Fitness Trade magazines.
• 2003 National Advertising Photography – David Smith
• 2001 New MuscleMania Champion in the June issue of MuscleMag magazine.
• 2001 January issue named one of the top trainers in Atlanta by Jezebel magazine.
• 2001 & 1999 Commercial with Dan Reevesfor Zocar’s heart medication.
• 1998 Named “The Human Nature” for Atlanta Sports & Fitness magazine.

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