STRONG The New Fit

STRONG The New Fit

by Fadi Malouf

…will teach you how to use your inner and physical strengths to
be healthy in body, clear in thought, vital and active, as you have fun and realize your


We’ve all been there. It’s that moment from which we can’t hide. We initiate

an action, or speak our mind, and in doing so cross a point of no return. Julius Caesar’s

army did it in 49 BC, engaging in an act of insurrection by crossing the shallow, muddy

waters of the river Rubicon, in northeastern Italy. P.T.G. Beauregard did it when he

authorized a 10-inch mortar round to be fired against Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor on

an April morning in 1861 – the first shot of the American Civil War.

In your own community, a young man, overwhelmed with love, drops to his knee

to profess undying love for his girlfriend, asking her to become his wife. At the moment

he presents his ring, he has crossed the Rubicon; fired the first round. It’s done. Win or

lose, there is no turning back.

The risks can be worth it. Caesar won. He cast his die as his enemies fled in fear,

releasing him of consequences for his infraction. Beauregard survived his four-year war,

lived to tell about it, and died quietly in his sleep 22 years later in New Orleans. But his

region fared poorly and suffered great losses.

As for the young man who laid open his heart and proposed? She said “Yes!”

Life is like that. There are many things we can’t control and some things we can.

Your decisions, and the actions you initiate, can have far reaching effects. And

sometimes, whether you intended to or not, you may feel you’ve crossed that point of no return.


You may believe there’s no hope for losing dozens of unwanted pounds, or no

chance you could restore your cholesterol or blood pressure to safe levels. Perhaps you’re

struggling to build a meaningful career following college graduation, or you’re trying to

rebound from job loss. These are times you need strength.

It may seem incongruous, but strength does not come from winning. Your

struggles develop your strength. When you pass through hardship and consciously decide

not to surrender, you become strong.

That’s when you learn to recondition your thoughts. You can learn and apply

proven ways to make your choices succeed for you. In the pages of STRONG / The New

Fit you’ll discover that points of no return don’t always mean there’s no way out.

There is hope. You haven’t crossed the Rubicon, even if you’ve overlooked your

health for years. You can reframe your lifestyle and transform your fitness. When you

harness the courage to act on your dreams, you can produce results that change your life


I struggled mightily through the story you are about to read. I can testify through

hard-earned lessons that strength means facing your truths, pushing through obstacles,

and getting on with life despite constraints and encumbrances.

As you learn my story, you’ll meet a shy immigrant child, pulled from a tiny

developing country in the Middle East and dropped unceremoniously into 1970’s small

town America. I was wise for my years but still naive. I struggled to find my place,

hampered by language barriers and nearly incapable of reading and writing.


As the story unfolds, you’ll discover how I dealt with

physical deficiencies and devastating injuries, bullying, learning disabilities, failures, and

loss. You’ll experience my adjustments within a dynamic culture, and ponder my struggles to find and define love.

My life could have had many endings, tragic or incomplete, but I am a man who

chose to stand steadfastly through the blows of change. I discovered the fortitude to face

my giants and juggle sacrifices, continuously pushing for progress. When my own pillars

of support broke down, I became the support others needed.

In the immediacy of my greatest loss, as a teenager, I began to transform my life.

Tapping into the wisdom and strength of trusted mentors, I began developing my once

frail body into levels unimagined. As I came to redefine my own fitness, I discovered a

form of conditioning that breaks down the walls of negative thought.

The foundation for this conditioning started with the physical work, as I acted on

my desire to remake my body to its highest level of fitness. Pushing myself even harder

than my brother and trainers pushed me, I soon discovered truths about the mental and

social conditioning necessary to support the physical effort. As I developed my form, my

mind became sharper, my thoughts clearer, and I translated my health and newfound

focus into financial success. I started to realize the results I once only dreamed of

knowing, and it was due to reframing my thoughts.

I had mastered Strong, a complete and balanced life made possible by The New

Fit, my system for defining what matters most, and intentionally acting on specific goals

that create better results for my life.


I began simply as a curious boy from Jordan, with language deficiencies and a

frame prone to breakage, who overcame physical and mental barriers, and fought through

pain and confusion. I found the capacity to keep my head up and move forward, no

matter how tough things got. And in doing so, I remade myself into an international

body building champion, elite fitness trainer, actor, model, public speaker, and


As you learn more about my life, and discover my proven system for remaking

your own, I hope you will be inspired. STRONG / The New Fit will teach you how to

break down the walls that have held you back from being the complete person you are

meant to be.

STRONG / The New Fit is part biography and part self-improvement. As a whole,

this book offers a practical guide to a safe and natural weight management and lifestyle

program built upon five key components: Nutrition, Resistance Training, Cardiovascular

Training, Accountability, and Motivation.

The narrative chapters in STRONG recount my stories, focusing on poignant

experiences and lessons that shaped my life and molded my philosophies on fitness and

life success. I hope you will connect with my emotional and psychological stamina,

which has allowed me to transform my personal and professional being into excellence,

in a healthy and natural way, free from steroids and other drugs.


In alternating chapters, I share details of The New Fit, providing practical

methods to help you reach your optimum fitness level. As your health improves, your

energy increases, your mind sharpens, and you can develop other key aspects of your life.

You will learn how your efforts can result in a life of continuous improvement, teeming

with possibilities. When you learn to apply my Work Life Balance to your own life, you

will fully realize the meaning of STRONG / The New Fit.

Within some chapters are Fadi Features, related short stories or simple how-to’s,

which offer further instruction or inspiration. A STRONG / The New Fit Discussion

Guide follows Chapter 16. This guide offers thought-provoking questions inspired by

each chapter. Book Club members, business groups, students, or individuals can benefit

from the Discussion Guide, as they reflect and share on the ideas and concepts of

STRONG / The New Fit.

So let’s get started on a journey that may very well change your life. My story

begins along the rocky slopes of north-western Jordan, near a city built on seven hills.


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“Excellent Fadi. I couldn’t put the first Chapter down. I can’t wait to read the rest of it and to learn more about the boy and man I’ve known for so long now and consider such a great friend. If it continues the way it started, its going to be the best seller I know it deserves to be.

Let me know when I can read more. Congratulations…

I know it’s been a longtime in the making.

All the best, — Danny”


“I really loved how you were so determined to teach yourself risked it all and went on your own to learn. Though you fell and got hurt you tried. The introduction I liked a lot. I felt connected to you. With as much difficulty I had growing up I like how you went back in history to show the significance. I think the readers including myself will appreciate your honesty. I know how much of a private person you are. And Can understand how difficult it must of been reliving some aspects. But I think in the long run your book will show everyone can overcome anything and become a success. I even felt a smidgen of me in the introduction. “Rebounding from job loss” I think this was written before all that happened but it shows many will be able to relate.

Thanks for Sharing with me It meant a lot to read. Appreciate you.  — JayBird”