Once again I sit here listening to music getting into the mindset of writing my thoughts, when a particular song comes to mind. Home by Phillip Phillips. In this song the lyrics are “Settle down, it’ll all be clear. Don’t pay no mind to the demons. They fill you with fear. The trouble it might drag you down. If you get lost, you can always be found. Just know you’re not alone. Cause I’m gonna make this place your home. “

I have been doing the Body By Fadi Fast Track program now for an incredible 9 months. In those 9 months my coach Fadi Malouf  has has taken me from a world of the unknown to a world of  Health Nutrition and Fitness and made me feel very much at home. I have been sober for nine months now. Free of smoking for three months. I am so far from that person I was just 9 short months ago.

Back in September if someone told me I would be having a complete home gym in my home I would have said that would be awesome. But 9 months ago if someone told me I would be at a gym working along side the same people who scared me, I would have assumed you were drinking heavily at that moment. But that is exactly what I am doing. When I wrote a blog here 6 months ago I was so afraid of walking into a gym. I joined one and after several “I can do this” to myself. I Love it. Using the Virtual Trainer is fun and easy. Yep! Easy!!!! I track my progress with every exercise Fadi assigns. This virtual trainer is one cool phone app.

Fadi has taken this once under achiever in life and shown through this amazing Body By Fadi Fast Track program. Anything is possible. Goals can be and will be met. I started this program weighing in at 129 lbs. with a goal of making it to 150lbs with his nutritional guidance I achieved that. Eating healthy clean foods. No fast foods, no junk foods, no chips or sodas or anything processed.  I struggled along the way but never once gave up. I was going to get there. Now that I am there I still have high goals to reach.

One of my biggest enemies was myself,  my self-esteem, my self-worth,  always targets by “haters” trying to burst my bubble along the way. Fadi, the big brother type made sure I never lost belief in myself, by keeping me motivated with Facebook posts. His own words of encouragement and making sure no matter what was happening, no matter how hard things were, I was never going to be left alone to lose sight of the “big picture.”

Along with helping me understand fitness and nutrition, Fadi has shown me a path I of all people never saw coming. The want to help others who were in the same boat as I am (or was at some point) in. I am now enrolled in getting my sports nutrition certification. To teach others what I was taught. Simply eating right is the ONE factor (of many) you can control in  staying healthy and fit. It’s all a matter of knowing whats going in your body. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients there’s a pretty good chance your body won’t make due with it.  I hope to be working along side Fadi after this process is done.

So you see now why this Song “Home” is so fitting to me and the Body By Fadi Fast Track Program. This Amazing man has shown me a home that I was once afraid of. A lifestyle to which I have become so accustomed to. He has made me know  I have to fight off the demons of the way I was. All I have to do is look forward and know I have come such a long way and fought through so much. His words that’s started it all ” You can go back to the way you were, or move forward and never look back,”  is still standing strong in my mind.

One last thing. If a year long program seems a bit long. Trust me in 9 months from now you’ll be saying “Dang  only 3 months left but I am having too much fun”

Thank You for listening and well  WELCOME HOME!

 JayBird 🙂