What is Balance in regards of health and fitness?

What is Balance in regards of health and fitness?

Balance and coordination exist when the body is used for what it is designed for.

Exercises such as walking, swimming, yoga, pilates, bicycling, martial arts and bodybuilding all help to improve muscle coordination. Activities such as working at a desk, reading, and watching television do the opposite for the body. Without realizing it, most people have extreme stress in their muscles. This muscular tension contributes to muscle tightness, restricted movement, and joint pain. This occurs simply because they sit for many hours every day and do not perform regular exercises that will work to keep all of the muscles in their body in balance.

Aim for B.A.L.A.N.C.E.

Breath – Cardio & deep Breathing. Purpose is to increase the body’s ability to process oxygen at the cellular level.

Agua – The amount of water you consume daily. Purpose is to hydrate the body.

Lengthen – Stretching, yoga, chiropractic work. Purpose is to avoid impingement, keep the body aligned, increases blood flow to muscles.

Anaerobic Exercise – weight training or weight resistance. Purpose is to strengthen muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. It also increases metabolism.

Nutrition and Supplementation – Food and vitamins. Purpose is to regulates metabolism, energy source, strengthens immune system and facilitates recuperation.

Cleansing – Fasting and colonic to cleans and regulate bowel movements. Purpose is to rid the body of toxins and toxic waste.

Energize – Sleep, meditation, massage, reading and affirming. Purpose is to reset your internal battery, and increase the mental awareness and strengthen the body.

Atlanta Personal Trainer

Fadi Malouf