A Valuable Secret

A Valuable Secret

Yes 2014 is almost here and you have not mapped out your success journey or have you?? Either way if you think you’re going to drift to success, best of luck to you. That is correct I said luck! Might as well play the Georgia lotto with is a one-in-a million odds chance of winning. Here is another fun statistics for you. 33% of lotto winners lose their winnings within 5 years, some even commit suicide. By now you may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with health and fitness?

Short answer to that is, people look for a quick fix and miss out on the journey of life which is a blessing. The benefits of owning a million bucks in my opinion is generating it and same goes for health and fitness. It’s the grind, sweat, camaraderie and victory. Working out to most is considered well…. WORK!!!

They hate it, don’t want to do it and that’s why health and fitness marketers have to dress up exercise in so many ways in order to get your fat butt off the coach!! No harm intended here just proving a strong point. You know this, right? Good, so how do we make it manageable or even likable you may ask. Well for me, I hang with people who LOVE to WORKOUT. They seem to always have the best outlook so I just adopted their successful mind set. One of my great approaches to learning new things is by Modeling.

Modeling is simply finding a person that possess the qualities, skill sets, physique or success you desire for yourself and mimic their actions. Careful that you choose a person that you trust, currently practices the success habits or have a successful track record teaching. When it comes to physical achievement it is almost impossible to cheat because of its visible effects but when it comes to money, people can look like they have money but don’t. So to help you improve your odds of winning and get you started right away, I’ve put together for you some empowering affirmations in regards of exercise and health:

  • I love waking up to a killer workout. It is enlightening and refreshing!
  • My fitness routine is enjoyable, energetic and easy!”
  • I enjoy exercising and my fitness routine gives me unfathomable results.
  • I AM a perfect example of health and fitness.
  • My physical fitness clearly shows that I have a fitness regimen.
  • I AM a lean mean fighting machine!
  • My body is firm, healthy and metabolically fast.
  • I AM sexy, slim and all the men love me!
  • My daily fitness routine gives me excellent results.
  • I AM built, fit and women flock to me.
  • During my workout routine, I feel healthier and healthier by the minute.
  • It’s obvious that I am enjoying working out daily.
  • I always contribute in healthy ways to my body.
  • I AM living a long and healthy life.
  • I eat healthy, nutritious and digestible foods every day.
  • I drink large amounts of thirst quenching water every day.
  • My strong body has fully recovered and healed.

The most important part of this blog is NOT its written content but is already in your own HEAD!

Once you learn how to harness the tremendous potential of your mind and how to structure the knowledge you ALREADY HAVE, you can transform it into the power necessary for attaining your life purpose, desired goals or DREAMS.

There is a proverb which says:

“If you would plant for a day, plant flowers.

If you would plant for years, plant trees.

If you would plant for eternity, plant ideas!”

My thoughts has been written to induce a flow of ideas through your mind. It will introduce you to a new you which has the vision of your innate powers and will not accept or recognize failure. You will arouse your determination to go further and claim the things that is rightfully yours.

“One single idea may have greater weight than the labor of all the men, animals and engines for a century.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dream wildly, write vividly, and WORK your deepest desires,

Fadi Malouf