Living on High Speed

Change your body – Change your mind – Change your energy to Change your life and live on high speed. A Raw and Vegan Wellness Guide Includes High Speed Recipes and The Vortex Zone Wellness Plan By Scott Black.

Scott Black discusses the changes you can make in your own life to improve your health, wellness, and general energy through examination, diet, and healthy living tips. This book can help you change your life by encouraging you to examine what it is in your life you can do to improve it in all aspects.

 Living On High Speed


What Fadi has to say about Living on High Speed…

I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry sense 1996 training, coaching and mentoring thousands of individuals in effort to lose weight, gain lean muscle, prevent disease, improve health and creating vibrant happy lives! By far, “Living on High Speed” has been my BEST resource book for eating clean, healthy, and yummy recipes! It’s recommend to all of our clients and followers at You will use this book over and over and will pass it own to your loved ones for sure!


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