Duluth Personal Trainer

Achieve your Weight Loss Goals in 30 Days with a Duluth Personal Trainer


There can be many reasons why you would want to loose weight and gain fitness, and hiring a Duluth personal trainer is a great option for achieving your weight loss goals. Perhaps you want to loose weight and shape up for a holiday, special occasion or just for reasons of general health and wellbeing; whatever the reason a personal trainer is a good choice and the results can be evident after just 30 days.

Deciding to loose weight is a personal decision and for many a conscious one brought on by a need to shed the pounds in the best (and fastest) way possible. By hiring the services of Fadi Malouf, a Duluth personal trainer, you can be assured of a tailored program designed to meet your needs and to help you to achieve your goals.

But hiring a personal trainer goes much further than merely showing you how to loose weight.  They can offer help and support, nutritional advice and ensure you know how to maintain your new found body and fitness.  A local Duluth personal trainer can also help you to maintain your motivation and more importantly ensure you train safely and to the best of your abilities.

If you thought that hiring a personal trainer was just the domain of the rich and famous then you maybe surprised to learn that many hundreds of Americans from all backgrounds hire their services month on month.  Having a personal trainer means you are more likely to stick to the program designed for you and achieve the results you want.  For many trying to loose weight alone and without support or guidance the results can be variable and most will fail to achieve anything close to their goals.

As an experienced Duluth personal trainer, Fadi will be able to formulate an exercise and nutritional program to help you meet achievable weight loss goals within a given time frame.  Most personal trainers work to a set fee but will be able to offer packages to fit around your work and home life commitments whilst ensuring you will be on target to reach your goals.  All that is required from you is the motivation and enthusiasm to work with your trainer and stick to the program they have designed for you.

There are numerous weight loss products and programs on the market, whilst celebrity endorsed diets surface everyday, but real results and a healthy and maintainable weight is only really achievable through a combination of diet and exercise.  So whether you want to loose 10 pounds or 100, call Fadi on 407.997.0218 for a free no obligation consultation and training session, and discover that hiring the services of a Duluth personal trainer is the best way to ensure a new you in 30 days and for many more thereafter!