We’re back with an arms and chest workout. We’ve discussed the importance of increasing your heart rate during workouts. It’s also important to have variety in your cardio, in order to “surprise” your body. This workout features some cool techniques you can use to get your heart rate up and start sweating!

Check out what’s in store below.

Focus: Chest, Back, Arms, and Abs

Time: 45 minutes

Warm Up: Five minutes of cardio

Set 1

3 Sets

Shoulder Rotation, Mountain Climbers, Walkout Push Ups, Lotus

Shoulder Rotation

  • Equipment: Dumbbells
  • Reps: 25 per set
  • Weight: Start with a manageable weight for the first rep; increase weight by 5-10 lbs. after each set
  • Tips & Tricks: Keep your back straight; bring arms parallel to the ground before raising the weights parallel to the head.

Mountain Climbers

  • Reps: 50 per set
  • Tips & Tricks: Start in plank position; keep arms in line with the chest as you rapidly bring your knees forward one at a time

Walkout Pushups

  • Equipment: Mat
  • Reps: 15 per set
  • Tips & Tricks: Walk hands down the mat until you are in a plank position, keep hands aligned with chest and bring chest to touch the mat before walking the hands back up, supporting your weight the entire time


  • Equipment: Mat
  • Reps: 20 per set
  • Tips & Tricks: Focus on contracting the back muscles and lifting the head as you lift up.

*The lotus position is very similar to the Superman posture, except the arms are stretched behind instead of out front.

CARDIO 1: After the three sets are completed; sprint for two minutes on the treadmill

Set 2

5 Sets

Vertical Chest Press, Abs

Vertical Chest Press (Heavy)

  • Equipment: Bench
  • Reps: 5 per set
  • Weight: Start with slightly heavier weight, increase the weight by 5 lbs after each set
  • Tips & Tricks: Isolate the inner pectoral muscles as you pull your arms to center

Ab Roll Ups

  • Equipment: Incline Bench
  • Reps: 30 per set
  • Tips & Tricks: Extend arms above head and grab on to the bench as you pull both knees to your chest and straighten; be careful not to rest legs on the ground in between roll ups

CARDIO: After the five sets are completed; set the treadmill to a 1.5 speed and side shuffle for two minutes, one minute per side.

Let’s hope this workout leaves you breaking a sweat! Good luck with getting your cardio on. Book an appointment with Body By Fadi today and discover what all the program has to offer.