“Things change when it hurts too much to stay the same.”

We all have something we want to change about ourselves. Procrastination. Over-spending. In my case, over-eating. You must ask yourself leading questions that get to the real reason you put things off or live above your means.

For me, I ask myself, why do I over-eat. Food gives me comfort. Why does food give me comfort? Food satisfies me. Why does it satisfy me? Right now, that is as far as I can go because I haven’t dug deep enough to learn. I fear what I’ll find out about myself.  

One thing I can change is using different foods to give me comfort or to satisfy me. Being overweight certainly does not give me much comfort or any satisfaction. Making healthier choices when it comes to my menu can change how I feel about myself. Then I can ask myself different leading questions? Why must you make this change? Why did you make this change? Why are you feeling better about yourself? Every cause has its effect. You just have to go with more positive causes.

Until the next time,

Stay healthy, my friends