7 Unique Advantages to Body By Fadi’s Personal Training

  • Exclusive, Private Studio for your Comfort & Maximum Customization.
  •  One of a Kind Annual Health & Fitness World Educational Cutting Edge Material.
  •  Top Quality and Diverse Training Approach to Personal Goals & Needs.
  •  Provide a Lifestyle Approach Including Personal & Professional Development Services.
  •  Highly Committed Coaches & Experts Providing Full Service Based on Guaranteed Results.
  •  Genetic & Medical Nutritional Testing processes backed by Extensive Case Studies & PhD Doctors.
  •  Hardcore Bodybuilding Dieting, Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Sports Nutritionist.
  •  Humble yet Confident Energy with an Exceptional Atmosphere for Thriving & Being Happy.

Regular physical activity is the foundation for a fitness program. Fadi’s fitness training will vary your workouts to include weight resistance, functional exercises, core training, flexibility training, and cardiovascular activity.

Education on proper technique and form is used to correct muscular imbalances and is essential for injury prevention. Fadi will monitor your progress and adjust the intensity level of each workout in order to maximize your results.

Regarding Your Personal Fitness Journey, What Are You Challenged With?

  •  You’re not seeing results
    •  You don’t know where to start
      •  You’re bored with same old workouts
        •  You need to be challenged
          •  You want to learn how to exercise on your own
        •  You need accountability
      •  You need motivation
    •  You have a specific illness, injury or condition
  •  You’re training for a sport or an event
    •  You want supervision and support during a workout
      •  You want to workout at home
        •  You want to have fun exercising

If you said yes to one or more of the above challenges, consider hiring Fadi Malouf as your Personal Trainer.


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The Forum Athletic Club

3393 Peachtree Rd NE #2010,

Atlanta, GA 30326