Nutrition, Fitness, Coaching & Accountability for your 90-Day Challenge or Competition! 

  • Have you tried every diet under the sun to lose your belly fat and seen little or no results?
  • Are you ready to find out HOW to eat for a PERMANENT fat loss?

ATTENTION: Models, actors, bodybuilders, figure, fitness and bikini competitors!

If you want to develop lean muscle mass and get shredded while manifesting a symmetrical world class physique,You have found the right program and the BEST company to help you bring your dream into a REALITY!! 

CEO’S, Super Moms & Pops, teenagers and higher achievers are welcome too!

80% of your physical and mental results will stem from your eating habits. Learn how to use food to YOUR advantage!

When you complete your 90-Day Permanent Fat Loss Program, you will…

  • Understand how the GI Index effects your personal body and brain.
  • Learn how much protein you really need.
  • Discover what carbs to eat and when!
  • Learn to eat the right fats, how to prepare them and balance the different types.
  • Learn how to save money on food, grocery, restaurants, and supplements. This alone will save you TEN TIMES the price of our program.
  • Learn all sorts of tips and tricks for efficient food preparation and packaging meals. 
  • How to shed water fast without losing the pump and looking flat!
  • How to truly hydrate and Alkalize your body for optimal performance and endurance.
  • Calibrate macro and micro nutrition to fit your daily activity levels and training schedules. 
  • Receive a copy of Scott Black’s recipe book Living On High Speed. It’s all about blending raw foods, yummy recipes and more! 
  • Receive a complimentary copy of my book Strong The New Fit with a personal autograph.  
  • Receive custom meal plans in great detail using a free app called
  • Gain access to our Virtual Training platform that features over 7,000 professional exercises, 800 custom exercise workout routines, and 500 fitness classes from all disciplines, instructed by fitness masters from across the world. 
  • Experience no gimmicks.  Just true, hardcore, advanced nutrition techniques that very few, if anyone knows. 
  • Learn inside secrets to how I, Fadi Malouf, put on 50 pounds of LEAN MUSCLE and got SHREDDED for competition WITHOUT any DRUGS, BS supplement and/or secret potions. 
  • The list goes on and on and on……. 

What do you get?

  • Nutrition – We’ll use which will provide us thousands of food choices & nutritional facts for free. For more accurate activity, sleep and nutritional tracking, use the Fitbit or Garmin (recommended, however other devices are acceptable).
    1. We will provide you sample meal plans and guidance on all the necessary key components in a successful nutritional plan backed by 40 years of experience.
    2. We’ll keep track of your nutritional intake so that we can discover all 25 Signature Nutritional Distinctions (Designed by Fadi Malouf). 
    3. Once we complete your Foundation Phase which generally takes 2 to 4 weeks of nutritional logging to determine needs, we will provide specific meal plans in order;
      • > Heal Calorie Ratio – Most individuals have damaged metabolism so this is the time to repair. We may implement up to a 30-day cleanse.
      • > Shift Calorie Ratio – As your metabolism speeds up, we’ll make the necessary adjustments. 
      • > Base Calorie Ratio – This will be your GO-TO meal plan for maintenance phase as a healthy lifestyle. 
      • > Elite Calorie Ratio – For the SUPER HIGH metabolism, built for athletes and soon to be YOU!
  • Fitness We’ll use your BodyByFadi Virtual Trainer to access the world’s largest fitness library of Professional Exercises, Workout Routines &  Fitness Classes.
  1. We will evaluate your physical fitness needs and assign you your personalized workout routine.
  2. Depending on your progress, we may create 20 to 40 personalized exercises for you to follow for 6 weeks and update every 6 weeks. We’ll add and/or remove exercises as needed according to your progression.
  3. We will personally take you through Fadi’s 25 Signature Training Techniques with each exercise. Normally we focus on 1 or 2 training technique per week with every workout.
  • Level of AttentionThis will determine the level of attention (INTENSITY) you require or request.
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